Production of “The wizard and the lizard”

During the production of “The wizard and the lizard” I was away almost the whole time. I was on holidays in Poland to see my family after a long time. I was keeping in touch with my group on Facebook. I was sent the storyboard and was asked to create some of the backgrounds.

Storyboard (by Sophia Toscan, Chris Calero and Marina Marconi) collage.jpg

That is the background I have created:

scene 1.jpg

Here is a background I was helping with (first drawn by Marina Marconi, corrected by me):


Then, when I came back, I’ve put sound effects using website I was really happy with the outcome same as my classmates.

It was hard to work remotly from Europe but thanks to internet and social media it was possible. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to contribute as much as the rest of the group and I know now that, despite the fact that internet enables us to work from the other side of the world,  it is always better to be close to your classmates and, in future, workmates. Working remotely is harder than I have thought.

Anyway, the result of the project is amazing and I am really proud of my classmates. I am happy that I could work with them and contributed a little.


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