Hand drawn vs. stop motion animation

In this post, I would like to compare hand drawn and stop motion animation basing on my experience so far. I have never thought that it will be such fun and same learning curve. I really enjoyed creating animation using both techniques but they were challenging in different ways.

Hand drawn animation gives a lot of opportunities. You can create any animation you can imagine, even creating abstract patterns and making them move. Sometimes that freedom is overwhelming but I guess by the time, with some experience and good drawing skills it would be easier to come up with some idea and create something that looks amazing. These are my previous flipbooks that I have drawn.



Stop motion animation gives less freedom but, in my opinion, is easier to make. You just need to remember about animation principles and make sure that you move objects in right direction and every frame. It was tricky at first, to remember about every object but then I knew what to do and it was much easier. During exercises my classmates and I created a few stop motion animation movies and it was fun and enjoyable.

apple and mandarine.gif



I have learnt a lot about animation and creating progress during these exercises. Regardless of technique, I had to remember about animation principles and storytelling to create something nice to watch. Hand drawn and stop motion animation were the most effective ways to learn how to use principles and storytelling in practise. Both techniques are exciting and enjoyable and it would be hard for me at the moment to pick the favourite one.



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