Flipbook exercise

The exercise that challenged me the most was flipbook animation. I wanted to make a stick figure doing “burpees”. I thought it will be easier but actually it was a big challenge for me.


The principles I wanted to concentrate on in this animation are arcs and timing. I decided to go straight ahead and to draw frame-by-frame from start to finish because I have found it harder to select key frames and complete the rest. I focused on positioning the head on an arc as well as shoulders and hips. I also created more frames of figure while standing to create sense of timing.

The greatest challenge for me was to keep the animation consistent. I had to correct drawings couple of times because, for example, the spine was shrinking in one of the frames or legs were too long in other. Probably the solution would be drawing the floor at the beginning that would set the stick figure.

Anyway creating this animation was very interesting and it was good to learn from my mistakes.


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